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Data and Content Support » Option data - wrong daily close price Jun 15, 2020 01:36 PM (Total replies: 4)

Thank you for the data correction and information. Does it mean that with "Extended Trades" disabled, the data coming from interval requests should always match the daily data?

Data and Content Support » Option data - wrong daily close price Jun 14, 2020 04:10 PM (Total replies: 4)


Accidentaly I noticed that there is a mismatch in FB1901W187.5, daily close seems to be wrong:

2019-10-24 7.59 8.19 6.35 6.35
2019-10-23 8.50 8.50 6.47 8.15 <---
2019-10-22 4.77 9.00 4.50 9.00

2019-10-24 10:00 7.59 7.85 7.40 7.85
2019-10-23 16:00 6.75 6.79 6.47 6.47 <---
2019-10-23 15:00 6.76 6.76 6.65 6.65

2019-10-24 09:36 7.59 7.59 7.59 7.59
2019-10-23 15:59 6.47 6.47 6.47 6.47 <---
2019-10-23 15:56 6.52 6.52 6.52 6.52

I haven't checked other strikes/symbols. Please let me know why "8.15" is there as 23rd's close price.

Thank you

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