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"With HUGE volume on AAPL and RIMM for 2 days, everyone in a trading room was whining about freezes, crashes and lag with *******, RealTick, TS and Cyber. InvestorRT with IQFeed was rock solid. I mean SOLID!" - Comment from Public IRC Chat
"I just wanted to say how happy I am with your service. I was able to download the API docs last week and I was able to replicate Interactive Brokers historical bar queries and realtime bar queries over the weekend. That was about one of the fastest integrations that I've ever done and it works perfectly!!!!" - Comment from Jason via Email
"I noticed that ******* quotes locked up shortly after the interest rate announcement yesterday while yours stayed stable." - Comment from Ron in Utah
"Interactive Brokers tick data was inconsistent, so I have switched to using DTN exclusively. It is great to no longer have to worry about my datafeed all day long." - Comment from Philippe
"I have to tell you though that using the IQFeed API is about the easiest and cleanest I have seen for some time." - Comment from Jim
"I ran your IQFeed DDE vs. my broker vs. a level II window for some slow-moving options. I would see the level II quote change, then your feed update instantaneously. My broker's DDE, however, would take as much as 30 seconds to update. I am not chasing milliseconds, but half a minute is unacceptable." - Comment from Rob
"Version has been working well for me and I appreciate that it is now a much tighter client to work with. I feel I can go to press with my own application and rely on a stable platform" - Comment from David in IA.
"I am very pleased with the DTNIQ system for quotes and news." - Comment from Larry
"This beats the pants off CQG, I am definitely switching to the ProphetX 3.0!" - Comment from Stephen
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Last Post: Jul 24, 2020 11:32 AM
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Location: Irvine, CA
Occupation: Capital Markets
Interests: Automated trading, machine learning, statistics
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IQFeed Developer Support » New User: VB Market Summary Socket Jul 24, 2020 11:32 AM (Total replies: 1)

Reposting response from Support to help other noobies:

The EDS command uses the exchange group ID, not the exchange ID. If I send the command SLM to the API, you can see the distinction:

1,NGM,Nasdaq Global Market,5,NASDAQ,
2,NCM,National Capital Market,5,NASDAQ,
3,OTC,Nasdaq other OTC,5,NASDAQ,
4,OTCBB,Nasdaq OTC Bulletin Board,5,NASDAQ,

NGM is exchange ID #1, but it belongs to exchange group #5 (it is part of NASDAQ). EDS accepts the latter. There is no group #1, which is why your EDS,1,1 returns "no file available."

EDS doesn't use the exhange ID (the first number), it uses the group ID (second from the last). NGM belongs to exchange group ID #5, NASDAQ. So if you want that exchange, you would send EDS,1,5,20200724. Please note this will include all the NASDAQ exchanges, not just NGM.

EDS files are compiled promptly after market close. I don't have an exact schedule of how long it takes, but a few minutes should be enough to wait.

Let me know if this does not answer your questions!

Gary Stephen
DTN IQFeed API Support

IQFeed Developer Support » New User: VB Market Summary Socket Jul 21, 2020 11:49 PM (Total replies: 1)

Hi, I'm a new IQ Feed API user.

I just built the API in VB, and started up the Market Summary Socket. When I tried to Request End of Day, I get a response of "No file available".

I am using: Request: EDS,1,1,20200720,1.

Any idea what is wrong?

Also, is there a timeline of when the market summaries are available each day (except 5MS of course)?


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