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Author Topic: New symbol lookup/search for DTN.IQ and IQFeed (1 messages, Page 1 of 1)

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Posted: Aug 18, 2009 09:55 AM          Msg. 1 of 1
DTN has released an enhanced symbol lookup/search tool on our websites that will make it easier to find the symbols you are looking for. In addition to new search criteria and filters, we have also updated the format of the master symbol file we make available to our customers. The enhanced format master symbol file is updated daily and available for download by visiting and selecting “Symbol Look-Up”. The old format master symbol file ( will no longer be available after August 31, 2009.

Overview of the enhancements to the online Symbol Lookup tool:
The new search has multiple filter levels and search options.
• SIC/NAICS Code Search: Search by NAICS or SIC code and receive all the symbols that make up that industry segment
• Security Type Filter: Restrict the results to a single security type (ie. if you only want the futures, not stocks, options, etc, you should choose “Future”).
Search Options:
o Show Front Month Only: Restricts results to only the front month contracts as identified by the DTN Ticker Plant
o Show Combined Session Only: Restricts results to symbols starting with “+”
o Show Continuous Contracts Only: Restricts results to symbols ending in “#”
o Show E-Minis Only: Restricts results to Listed Market of CMEMINI, CBOTMINI and NYMEXMINI.
o Don’t Show Options: Eliminates Security Type of “FOPTION” and “IEOPTION” from results
o Don’t Show Spreads: Eliminates Security Type of “SPREAD” from results
o Output Symbols Only: Allows user to cut/paste the symbol list results from the webpage into DTN.IQ, ProphetX and other apps.

Format of the new master symbol file:
File name:
Format: Tab Delimited Text (after unzipping file)
Field Order:
1) SYMBOL: Symbol of equity, future, option etc.
2) DESCRIPTION: Symbol Description
3) EXCHANGE: Common name for Listed Exchange
4) LISTED MARKET: Primary Listed Market for the Security
5) SECURITY TYPE: Type of Security
6) SIC: Standardized Industry Classification Code (Stocks Only)
7) FRONTMONTH: Contains a “Y” if the future is the current front month contract.
8) NAICS: North American Industry Classification System code (Stocks Only)

Jay Froscheiser


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