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»Forums Index »Product Support »DTNIQ Client Software Wish List »CHARTING MUST HAVES, conversation with support KEVIN ALBRACHT, developers please take NOTE! bescause of these short
Author Topic: CHARTING MUST HAVES, conversation with support KEVIN ALBRACHT, developers please take NOTE! bescause of these short (3 messages, Page 1 of 1)

-Interested User-
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Joined: Feb 2, 2006

Posted: Feb 2, 2006 02:55 PM          Msg. 1 of 3
comings i will not subscribe

steve: hi

You are now speaking with Kevin Albracht of DTN.IQ Customer Support.

Kevin Albracht: hello

steve: was wondering is there only a vertical line on the chart? is there no criss cross X and Y axis?

Kevin Albracht: you can have the grid show on the chart

steve: hmm, leme try

steve: oh

steve: hmmm

steve: theyre only 0.1 increments?

Kevin Albracht: depends on the proice of what you are watching

Kevin Albracht: what symbol are you looking at and what type of chart?

steve: i am watching QQQQ

steve: candle

Kevin Albracht: daily? minute? tick?

steve: 3min

steve: dont matter daily is even worse 2 increments

Kevin Albracht: what is it you are wanting to see?

steve: like

steve: as the cursor moves u see prices vary

Kevin Albracht: you can see the price for the bar the cursor is pointing to at the top

Kevin Albracht: top left

steve: yes but not the levels where the x axis is right

steve: there is no x axis

steve: only vertical line

Kevin Albracht: you can turn off the line

steve: u mean the vertical line?

Kevin Albracht: yes

steve: there will b even less detail then?

Kevin Albracht: I guess I am not uderstanding what you want to see

steve: has no one mentioned this to yourselves?


steve: ??

steve: very imp

steve: also to change time frames, , we select from the menue, but then we have to go to the symbol and refresh?

Kevin Albracht: I'm sorry... I'm still quite confused on what you are describing ...

steve: how do u change time frame?

Kevin Albracht: ok, well change the drop down to the time frame you want, then either click the green curved arrow at the top, or hit ENTER on your keyboard

steve: how do i draw trendlines?

Kevin Albracht: right click on the chart and select 'draw trend lines'

steve: y, it takes ages

Kevin Albracht: I don't have an answer as to why the made the program that way

Kevin Albracht: You could always post that on our forums and get an answer straight from the developers

steve: how do i change the amount of days quickly, so if wana see 30 days for eg

Kevin Albracht: can't change the # of days specifically, but if you click on the + or - magnifying glasses at the top, you can show less or more datapoints on the screen with a single click

steve: eeeek, ok looking at jnpr chart, 3 and 15min, 3min is fine as can see increments of 1cent

steve: but how about 15min

steve: ?

steve: only 10 cent increments

steve: :(

steve: i dont mind so long as u can see level with an x axis

Kevin Albracht: the chart will autoscale depending on the range, since the range is greater on the 15 min as it goes back farther, it has to condense the increments... you can zoom into the chart a bit and the increments will decrease

steve: wish u guys can have an x axis with price detials

steve: yourselves
potentially cery good

steve: very

steve: shood b bit more like qchatrts or esig

Kevin Albracht: I know they are working on an entirely new charting program

steve: i know q charts etc more exp, but i suppose i see why, as they have these basic yet crucial features

steve: ur programmers can easily sort this out

steve: wen is the new version gonna come out

Kevin Albracht: don't have that info yet, they haven't set a release date yet

steve: ok, r there a lot of ppl who requested what i requested?

steve: if so i might not need to give my input]

Kevin Albracht: it's hard to tell... it's not something I have heard before... you should go to the 'wish list' section of our forums to see, or just post what you would like to see there

Kevin Albracht:

steve: also if i want to focus on a specific day, i zoom in but it passes it

steve: so i cant revuew

Kevin Albracht: on the settings screen, you can specify how many days of data you want it to load, but there is no setting to specify only showing a certain day... other than the current day, of course, by specifying to only load 1 day

steve: ok i want to see what 3min chart look like in dec1st 05 for eg

steve: cant eh?

Kevin Albracht: that functionality is not included... so no

steve: :(

Your party has left this session.

-VP, Product Operations-
Posts: 1746
Joined: May 3, 2004


Posted: Feb 2, 2006 03:19 PM          Msg. 2 of 3

Thank you for taking time to post your questions and comments about DTN.IQ. Your chat session wasn't completely clear what product you were using, but it sounded like DTN.IQ (you originally posted to the IQFeed forum, which is why I moved this thread).

All of your concerns and questions are going to be answered within the next couple weeks! We will be releasing a new product which will be extremely competitive with Qcharts and/or Esignal, and will provide a better overall value (not only will it be attractively priced, it will included DTN's high speed/high quality data feed coupled with a fantastic GUI interface).

The new Product will have crosshairs as you describe, it will have pricing indicators on the axis, it will have fully customizable chart intervals (just type ",15" to change to a 15 minute chart, or type ",5" to change to 5 minute, etc), and full template and workspace capabilities.

Your are right that the DTN.IQ software is outdated, which is why we have been working so hard on our new software to be released shortly. We will be announcing its availability before long, and I am confident it will have the features you need in order to earn your business.

Jay Froscheiser
DTN - Trading Markets

-VP, Product Operations-
Posts: 1746
Joined: May 3, 2004


Posted: Feb 18, 2006 01:31 PM          Msg. 3 of 3

DTN ProphetX Active Trader is now available and not only answers each of your concerns about DTN.IQ, it should provide all the power you need to be a successful trader. Please contact our sales group at 800-475-4755 and take a trial of this new product. I am sure you will find it to exceed your expectations!

Jay Froscheiser
DTN - Trading Markets


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